G.O.T & Don’t play with sharp things (journal/photo a day)


The photo a day prompt of ‘sharp’ led me rifling through my sewing stash knowing that the key ingredients of it had given me so many injuries over the years that they certainly fitted the bill. I actually had a little moan about my very sore fingers in a February post, but months on that particular finger is now almost numb with the constant scratch of a needle in one form or another. My stork scissors are actually my favourite part of my ever expanding kit, my Gran and Mum had a pair like these when I was little so I carried on the tradition and have had the same pair for years without them blunting.

2013-06-05 16.07.32

Talking of when I was little, today’s summer journal prompt is: “You are 6 years old! Someone has kindly given you 4 chairs covered with an enormous blanket! It’s a tent! Tell us about your playday”

Boo, Pi and me used to spend almost all our time outside as kids, letting our imaginations run wild by inventing a million and one games. One of our favourite past times which is weird because of today’s prompt, was to make tents and houses out of randomly stacked furniture and blankets from indoors. We used to almost always just play ‘pretending’ where Boo or me would be the mummy and the other one would be the child with Pi almost certainly always being the baby. My Grandma’s back garden became our back garden and all the plastic food would come out so we could have pretend dinner, alongside a little tea set that was filled with water. In fact, being as close as we all were and still are, any game we invented, as long as we were all together as our little unit, our playday’s would be magical.


Before I get overly sentimental, I will go on with the G.O.T update. As you can see this batch was quite literally a feat as Edward III’s armour was very detailed including his incredibly pointy toes and I still forgot to back stitch Henry VIII’s shoe. Tut tut to me 😉

11 thoughts on “G.O.T & Don’t play with sharp things (journal/photo a day)

  1. We used to play under the table with the table cloth pulled almost down to the floor! That brings back memories. You’re romping away with the back stitching – you must be close to finishing before long?

  2. I’m so sorry about your fingers I know you were working very hard (hug). Memories hmh…. smell of nanny`s cake, her knitting and hand embroidering or I was creating small stud for my little plastic horses. I remember we were watching this “tiny life” in the grass small insects in thousands sizes and colors and flowers in their gardens…hmh…

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