Golden skills (summer journal/photo a day)


The prompt for photo a day is ‘gold’. Unfortunately, I don’t have anything made of the actual metal and the only gold coloured things I could find were a very battered tea cup and the main bane of my sewing life. That is obviously the above, metallic thread. I was forced into using it a while back and while it is very very pretty, I really don’t enjoy using it. It becomes unraveled while stitching, snaps often and as you can see from the photo, I find it knots easily. That aside, I can’t deny how beautiful the finished outcome is when using it and it is a very satisfying feeling once you have finished using it and it looks all shiny and enchanting. Ok, I am getting a little carried away now… πŸ™‚


Today’s summer journal prompt is: “What is the most useful skill you have learnt?”

I think this one is pretty tough, mainly because I don’t feel very skilled in anything. I have plenty of qualifications, but none that Id class as particularly useful in everyday life. I have a few skills outside of academia, like tattooing, carbohydrate counting and the incredible ability to kill nearly every plant in my care, but I see them only as helpful attributes to myself rather than other people per se. In fact, I actually had to ask others to give me a few ideas for this prompt. The most popular answer was ‘giving great cuddles when people are sad, cheering them up’, so I will go with that one. I do like to think that I am there for people when they need me and am a good shoulder to cry on when the going gets tough. I hate seeing people upset, so try my best to make them happy and will always listen and give honest but tactful advice if its asked for. I don’t know what name you would give to that skill, if it even is one, but being able to do this has diffused so many tricky times in various situations that Ive almost become a bit of an agony aunt. I don’t mind that one bit πŸ™‚


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