G.O.T & Window of opportunity (summer journal/photo a day)


Today’s photo prompt was ‘interior’, which gives me opportunity to share some pictures of the embroidery show I went to yesterday with the ‘interior’ of it being beautifully decorated with some incredible artwork. It was ran by the Royal school of needlework, showcasing its certificate and diploma summer exhibition. As well as being able to ogle over such gorgeous pieces, I also got to chat to one of the sewer’s whose work was on display, Suzanne Morton, who is the maker of all 3 of the above pieces. Of course, being as I am a terrible photographer, the pictures don’t do them justice at all. The first image is comprised of many embroidery techniques and took an astonishing 14 months to complete! The second is a silk shaded piece, that comprised of such vibrant colours which made it look like a painting from a distance. The third goldwork piece was my favourite,  it shimmered in the light and was so unbelievably beautiful. There were so many others, in lots of different styles, including a blackworked rhinoceros, which really stood out, but as the maker wasn’t there I couldn’t photograph it. Im very lucky that I got to see all of this stunning work and that the artists were so friendly. They actually run courses which I am incredibly tempted by, but I don’t think either of my kidneys are healthy enough to sell in order to fund it!

2013-03-06 09.24.27

Today’s summer journal prompt is: “What is happening NOW? Look out of the window and write about 3 things you can see!”

Well, after looking over out of the window and seeing my cat lying fast asleep on the windowsill, where he loves to lie in the sun, I couldn’t not include him as the first thing I see. The second thing is some children from across the road who have a habit of taking things from their home and trying to sell them to people walking past by setting up a little ‘shop’ on their wall, doing precisely that. Today’s sales being what looks like the contents of the family bookshelf. I must say Im half shocked by the enterprising skills, half concerned at what their Mum may say when she finds out that her copy of fifty shades of grey has just been flogged to a passer by for 2o pence… The third (and best) thing to be noticed is that the decent weather has lessened the amount of traffic this evening. We live pretty close to the train station so usually its vehicles galore, but as its been a sunny day I think people are more interested in having a few ciders in the beer gardens than being cooped up in a car. I wouldn’t normally encourage alcoholism, but Im quite enjoying the peace and quiet!


The latest G.O.T update, Im hoping there will only need to be a couple more now as its only the very top row of monarchs left. As long as I don’t get distracted by more shiny goldwork embroidery that is… 😉


18 thoughts on “G.O.T & Window of opportunity (summer journal/photo a day)

  1. That Kingfisher is absolutely stunning. I think it would be enough to tempt me to some larceny (“Under my jacket, officer? Rectangular? That’s my liver; I’ve led a shameful life.”). 🙂

  2. Glad you enjoyed your day – the embroidered kingfisher looks gorgeous and your cat looks the perfect model for a project – if you email me a close up pic of him, I’d like to draw him (if that’s Ok?).

  3. One hopes that by now you’ve remembered to do Henry VIIIs shoe! Otherwise you’ll keep forgetting it now it’s been scrolled out of sight! But it is certainly coming along very well 🙂

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