Living on the ceiling (summer journal/photo a day)


Sorry for possibly the most boring photo in existence, but the photo a day prompt is ‘Look up’, which I took quite literally and just saw this. I’m not going out today so was a good job that the object above me is very pretty as far as light fittings go to take the sting out of not having a lovely cloud/aircraft photo to share. Apologies again, Ive given myself a ‘you must try harder’ pep talk for today hehe.


Today’s summer journal prompt is: “The other day we considered the most USEFUL skill we have ever learnt. Today, consider the most IMPORTANT”

I believe one of the most important skills anyone can have is the ability to laugh and make positive seemingly bad situations. Silly as I may sound, I truly believe that laughter and not taking yourself too seriously is good for the soul. It prevents being overly disappointed, arrogance, laziness and most importantly, wasting too much of the precious time we have on this earth being a misery bum. I know full well how difficult it is when you feel stuck in an emotional rut and how clawing your way through tragedy is utterly heartbreaking, so I am in no way trying to get preachy or be a hypocrite. But sometimes when its trivial things that are weighing you down, the best medicine is a good rip roaring bout of laughter coupled with keeping it all in perspective. I recommend a dose ofย  releasing your inner child via at least 10 giggles a day ๐Ÿ˜‰


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