:-) Frilka :-) & Old school holiday (journal/photo a day)


Just when I thought people could not get any more kind, this pops through my letterbox! I am so overwhelmed to say that this beautiful brooch and card comes from the utterly lovely and talented Frilka, who as said in her card, sent it to say thanks for nominating her for the inspiring blogger award. I clearly already felt she was well deserved of the award, but receiving such a beautiful gift is the icing on the cake forΒ  showing what an inspirational and kind person she is. I’m sure plenty of you are already aware of this and following her, but those of you who don’t, please check out her blog and be as humbled by kindness as I am πŸ™‚ Now to stop gushing, it’s on with photo a day…


Today’s prompt was ‘old school’ and naturally for me the first thing to pop into my head was tattoo’s of that genre. So, I dug out my old sketchbooks to try to select the most ‘old school’ designs I had drawn and also ones that had actually been tattooed. The first is actually emblazoned across my chest (a big owww for that one) and the bottom two I still really like, unfortunately I can’t even remember who the third one was designed for which is a shame. The second one though, I really dislike. Like with most people who have to work to somebody else’s taste, there were quite a few customers of mine who’s ideas I would cringe at. This particular one had been coming in and getting beautiful oriental work done, gorgeous cherry blossoms, koi to phoenix sleeve, stunning imagery. But then he decides he wants a half naked punk lady riding a tattoo machine cracking a whip… My how I tried to convince him not to do this, but he was in love with the idea of it and with having some shockingly bad tattoo’s on me and trying to not be a hypocrite, what the customer wanted is the customer got. I managed to convince him to have it on a different limb and not in amongst his oriental artwork, he was very happy with it and years and years later I get an entry for an ‘old school’ photo challenge. Everyone’s a winner! πŸ˜‰


Today’s summer journal prompt is: You are just about to go on holiday. You get into the car – but remember that you have forgotten something! For what would you really delay the start of your vacation? The answer can be serious or trivial.

Obviously the serious answers would be medication, a person or tea (ahem) but I think just about anything, as I would be plagued with worry in case we desperately needed it for whatever reason. Sun cream would be a main trivial thing Id halt things for, I could never allow my super white freckled skin to get as blistered as it did in South of France a few years back or indeed as bright red as it goes after just an hour of so in the sun. The bag of goodies to entertain the stepkids and me on the journey would be a must, to prevent any ‘are we there yet’ moments driving my OH (who I have decided will be driving on our imaginary holiday) stir crazy. Of course, the camera would be a definite ‘have to turn back for’ scenario as I would hate to not be able to bore everybody on returning with our holiday snaps! Being as I am a bit of a list fanatic and would endlessly be checking we had everything, I would like to think that none of these would ever be forgotten though, especially not the tea! πŸ˜‰

16 thoughts on “:-) Frilka :-) & Old school holiday (journal/photo a day)

  1. Old school tattoos are my favorite style. And hell yes it hurts on the chest! I only have five nautical stars across my chest though, I’m sure yours was much worse lol.

  2. I am fairly surprised that there isn’t anything crafty on your ‘would turn back for’ list, but I suppose that would be the first thing packed! Totally with you on the sunblock though, that gets painful so quickly!

  3. Slow to catch up, so here goes! I’ve been interested to see what everyone would hate to forget! Everyone has a different list – and they are all good items πŸ™‚

  4. … wow didn’t know you design tattoos sketches look fab … I always said that I will have one for my significant birthday marking maturity … but even my mum gave up on the thought I would ever grow up! … what I thought of having? a happy dragon wearing glasses … … are you up for a challenge? πŸ™‚ … and …. thank you …you know what for πŸ™‚

      • Having a few tattoos myself, I can’t imagine actually tattooing anybody .. But being able to design, and have someone love it so much that they want to tattoo it on themselves must be quite awesome!

      • Oh yes, definitely, it used to be a great feeling. I haven’t done it in years though. I have tattooed my own legs during my training as well, that isn’t a nice feeling though! πŸ™‚

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