Digging up the past (summer journal/photo a day)

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The photo a day hint is ‘Torn’, which gave me the opportunity to share this (in my opinion) amazing find that was hidden in the chimney breast and stumbled upon whilst we were knocking down walls. It is a torn out piece of a newspaper from Monday May 19th 1947! Our home is Edwardian, so I shouldn’t be too shocked at finding something so old in the building work, but it was such a treat to find something so unique and certainly took the sting away from the brick dust filled air. Some of the stories highlighted in just this small torn piece were of the food shortages and the French zones in Germany at the time. But some oddly enough rang bells to the similarity in issues we still see today, like the ‘Nation’s will to work’, talking of how people have lost enthusiasm for seeking jobs and also the ‘8 commandments’ of the then very young labour party. Really quite bizarre but fascinating to read, I wonder what’s in some of the other walls? *picks up sledgehammer* 😉 hehe.


Today’s summer journal prompt is: “If you could do something you have never done before-what would you do?”

Ive mentioned in a previous photo a day post that Ive never tried knitting and would love to, so I will go for something different with this journal entry. Trying to think outside the box of silly things like baking a perfect scone, not get freaked out by a spider, talk to animals… I’ve come up with taking part in an archeological dig. Of course, Id prefer it to be one where I found a rare dinosaur skeleton or the remnants of a forgotten ancient tribe to rival the Iceni, but I would be happy even to find a small fragment of a coin or piece of pottery. I can imagine it to be fairly laborious, but the thrill of finding something even very minute from the past would be incredibly exciting. Judging from what Time team always seem to dig up, it’s likely it would be a wall. I can never take Baldrick seriously as a presenter of an archeological programme though 😉

8 thoughts on “Digging up the past (summer journal/photo a day)

  1. Interesting newspaper find! I love it when people have wrapped removal items in newspaper and then have them discovered and unwrapped years later. It’s the old-style adverts that fascinate me. I like how you’ve linked ‘recent’ history with your desire to do an archaeological dig.

  2. Wow it’s amazing I love old things I have respect for them for quality -masterpieces. And here you have news for reading.you are right this is incredibly exciting. Be gentle for your walls:-D

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