Like a broken record… (summer journal/photo a day)


Another crap picture for the photo a day challenge of ‘Listening to’, but I struggled with how to define this theme via image and with my Ipod being broken and all CD’s put away while the kitchen is being done up, Ive had to resort to a picture of the spotify screen. Wow, how interesting :-/ Id say (possibly being biased) that I have a more intriguing musical taste than the impression given off by this rather dull photo. I have phases in my musical choices, some periods listening to a lot of a certain genre and then switching to another after a while. Ive just come out of a New wave themed one, listening to a lot of Siouxsie and the banshees/Joy Division and have moved onto a Trip-hop/Synth phase where I must admit, is more my usual genre of choice. Coming back to the intention of the post, my ‘listening to’ song playing on Spotify right now is Army of me by Bjork, which I love and is even in Tank girl! I was going to share a video of it but it is so odd that Ive chosen the next song on the playlist, Human Behaviour, which has a far more fun film, directed by the legend, Michel Gondry:

I’m in for a synth-fest after this one though as I have a ton of Depeche Mode waiting to entertain my ears 🙂


So, today’s summer journal prompt is: “Gk Chesterton once sent a telegram to his wife saying ‘Am in Market Harborough , where should I be?’ Have you ever gone somewhere by mistake , forgotten where you should be going -or- if you have no other response- been to Market Harborough?!”

I like to think that my built in body compass is generally on point so I usually end up at my intended destination, but I do very regularly forget why I was going somewhere due to my ability to get lost in my own little world, especially when I’m walking on my own. Good job I keep lists otherwise it could get annoying. Also, no I haven’t been to Market Harborough… as far as I can remember 😉


5 thoughts on “Like a broken record… (summer journal/photo a day)

  1. Lists are awesome 🙂 I have about 5 (including a list of lists 😛 ) Well done for never getting lost- I have a habit of walking somewhere on auto-pilot, and then realizing that I shouldn’t be there (I blame the maths side of my brain 😛 )

    • Hehe, I think the main reason I don’t really get lost is because I never go very far afield and stick to places I know lol. I wouldn’t to be the navigator on any trips thats for sure! 🙂

  2. Part way through a hectic week when I was in theatre every night with the am dram group I belong to, I headed off to work and ended up taking the scenic way round when I realised I was off to the theatre instead!

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