The cat amongst the (square) birds :-D summer journal/photo a day


The photo a day prompt is ‘sunshine‘. While the UK is experiencing a heatwave so plenty of sun to take a snap of, It isn’t just the giant star that is bringing sunshine to me today. Amongst the usual boring post was an envelope with an incredibly cute little cat on and I knew it was from the multi skilled star, Squarebird. She contacted me a few days ago and asked if I minded her drawing from a picture of Bonaparte, my feline friend. Naturally, my reaction was of course not, I’d love that! After following her and seeing her beautiful drawings (as well as her numerous other crafts that she oozes talent with), I have been incredibly excited to see what she would create with my little kitty cat’s pose. It has way surpassed my expectations, I didn’t fully appreciate just how much work had gone into making it until I now have it in my hands. To top it off, she has told me that she used my favourite beverage, tea, and watercolour’sΒ  to create it and even included multiple prints, which just astounds me even further. In fact I love it so much that I am off to find a frame for it so it can always be on display, a really stunning piece that is of my very own Boney (I’m hoping that when he has a meowing fit it will remind me also of how cute he can be)! So thank you so so much to her, I feel incredibly honoured that she has now graced our home with such beautiful artwork and so lucky to have made such a lovely friend πŸ™‚


Summer journal prompt: “You have the chance to change the packaging on one product that you use often. Which one is it? Why would you change it? How would you like it changed?”

Before I have my little rant, I would like to start on a positive note with how fun packaging has become, there are so many ingenious ways companies have come up with to hook gullible giggle hungry fools like myself. So fun are they that sometimes they are difficult to resist, especially with my OH being unable to refuse anything with a ‘new’ sticker on it and me being a glutton for anything that makes me go awww or giggle a lot. Right, now I’ve done the complimentary bit… Food packaging frustrates me! In particular, the sort that has either no nutritional information on it or does, but it takes a silly amount of working out rather than just plainly putting what is in that particular portion. Normally, I don’t mind working it out as I weigh most of my food anyway, but sometimes when you are in a rush it would be far easier to be able to bung something in the oven without having to get a scientific calculator out. Maybe I am being a little over the top, but to streamline my annoyance, it is more the food that shows no information on it at all that gets my goat. I am on a very strict low carbohydrate diet for glucose levels, so it is massively important for me to know what anything I consume has in it and to be fair, most people would want to know what they are putting in their bodies I’d of thought. I usually find that it is meat based products that neglect this issue, as they more often than not, being mostly protein, have a very low carbohydrate level so only feel it necessary to point out it’s fat and calorie stats. Anybody under a similar diet will be aware though that it is imperative to know even the slightest gram of it that you may be eating so yeah, If that could be changed it would be great, I will stop ranting now and go on a frame finding mission to think happy non rubbish packaging thoughts πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “The cat amongst the (square) birds :-D summer journal/photo a day

  1. fun packaging is definitely fun, but food packaging should be informative rather than fun (if it manages both then extra kudos!) I especially love so much of the stuff that’s in Waterstones these days πŸ™‚

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