Children should be seen and heard… (summer journal/photo a day)

2013-06-05 15.57.02

The photo a day hint of ‘I wore this’ led me to find this super funky outfit circa 1990. I am not a fan of selfies, certainly wouldn’t subject anybody to having to see my ugly mug, so I thought I’d find a particularly embarassing fashion faux pas when I stumbled upon this cool customer hehe. Check out the shoes! They were almost certainly from Clark’s (that sell THE most comfy cute footwear in the world and the only place my mum would buy our shoes from) and the clothes were more than likely once owned by my sister. Upon finding this, the most odd thought for me was that my parent’s put me in a jumper that had ‘suns’ (or more like crazy eyes) knitted across my chest. I could pretend that my fashion sense has got better but I’ve been taught honesty is the best policy… 😀


Leading on from ‘what I wore’, my stepson wore this Lego movie cutout today and is also the philosopher behind the answer to today’s summer journal prompt: “What was the most amusing thing a child has said within your hearing?”

I have heard so so many weird and wonderful things coming out of children’s mouths, my nephew calling everything a tractor being one of them, but this cracker, being a response to why he was sad, takes the prize:

“You wouldn’t understand. My life is really complicated”

If an adult said that, I wouldn’t have nearly wet myself half as much as I did, but coming out of a 9 year old’s mouth induced a huge bout of rip roaring laughter that I still find myself doing while thinking about it months later. I actually felt a bit guilty that he genuinely considered this statement to be true and I was struggling to breathe with amusement. We did point out that going to school and playing Mario kart might not seem quite so complicated when he gets a bit older… 🙂

10 thoughts on “Children should be seen and heard… (summer journal/photo a day)

  1. Oh dear, you have got to love what comes out of childrens mouths! Apparently, when I was little I asked mum which of a) man landing on the moon, b) dinosaurs roaming the world and/or c) outdoor toilets she remembered from her childhood!

  2. Lol. Gotta love the gems kids say sometimes. When I was expecting my first child my then six year old sister informed me she knew if I had a girl she would be an aunt, but very seriously asked if she would be an uncle if I had a boy! Lol

  3. oh bless! Love what comes out of my kids mouths too. Someone on the FB group has “happy” jars & I’m thinking I should do the same. Spend some time on New Years Eve going thru them will start the new year off right 🙂

  4. Haha what a crack up! .. Though I’m sure he said it with such seriousness that he was probably a little confused by your response. I didn’t even notice the positioning of the suns until you mentioned it.

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