Judging a book by it’s cover (summer journal/photo a day)


The photo a day hint of ‘macro’ was a tricky one for an even less than awful photographer like myself, so I thought I’d take a photo of something really tiny and hope for the best. My OH paints 28mm miniature models and creates some really beautiful pieces in super small form. I have always been intrigued by this, never really understanding the appeal of it, so a couple of years ago I decided to try it myself and painted up these 5 dwarves. It actually took an awful lot longer than I had anticipated and I was shocked at just how challenging but enjoyable I found it, really calming and it felt incredibly rewarding once they were finished. I’m glad I gave it a go because I can now totally understand and appreciate the appeal and artistry of painting them. I always really enjoy seeing all the beautiful things my OH creates and more often than not am amazed at the amount of detail he can get onto such miniature models.Β  In this scale, I’ve only ever painted these little men but there are some stunning 28mm figures out there (including Boudicca on her chariot) that would be awesome to try if I was a little more skilled! πŸ™‚


Today’s summer journal prompt: “Light of heavy! What are you reading? What do you like to read? What is the most interesting thing you have ever read?”

I can imagine that a lot of people after me saying this will think I’m from the dark ages, but if I am reading, I read a book, not a gadget. I can appreciate why some people love E-books and the benefits of having one, but actually holding a huge book, turning each page eagerly, is something magical that I would opt for every time. On the whole, I read mainly factual books that couple the enjoyment of reading with the gaining of knowledge which I find more of a buzz than when I have read novels. There are only certain fictional books that I have read and not felt like I should be doing something more lucrative, like Raymond E Feist’s Riftwar saga and The Empire trilogy (I have read ‘Magician’ countless times), Frank Herbert’s Dune, George Orwell’s 1984 and of course, Janet/Allan Ahlberg’s Funnybones! Hehe, couldn’t resist! Our friend lent me Michael J Sullivan’s ‘Theft of swords’ a few months ago though and I really enjoyed that so maybe I need to give fiction another chance. I do want to read ‘Ender’s game’ by Orson Scott Card as I haven’t for years and have forgotten most of it, so maybe that will be my next move on the literary escapism route. For now though, I am still on my Napoleon book, which is by Vincent Cronin, mainly because I haven’t been reading as much as usual recently. I better hurry up with it though because I have already eyed up what my next book hopefully will be, which is ‘Courtiers: The secret history of the Georgian court’, written by my girlcrush (apparently that is the correct buzzword), Lucy Worsley. I know some people can read bits of several books in the same time frame and keep track of them all, but my terrible memory won’t let me do that and I’d get all confuddled, so best to stick to one and hurry up with the canny Corsican book so I can be transported to a world of powdered wigs, pretty dresses and lace sun umbrella’s πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “Judging a book by it’s cover (summer journal/photo a day)

  1. I love all the stuff by Michael J Sullivan! As well as that series which you’ve just started, he’s recently started doing a series set at the beginning of Ryria- or rather, one book for every year the pair are together, up to that main series, and it is so cool going back and reading about their beginning! Especially when other familiar characters pop up and there are so many Oh, right! moments! Great fun πŸ™‚

    • Im hoping to read some more of the series at some point, if your a fan you might be interested to know that the same friend that lent me theft of swords also has two cats named Hadrian and Royce! πŸ™‚

  2. I used to be so opposed to ebooks too, as I felt nothing could beat the feeling of holding open a book. As my collection grows though, I can see the merits of an ebook even more .. It’s hard to find space for an ever growing collection of new books! πŸ™‚

    • hehe sounds like our house, I think the little men are taking it over sometimes! they aren’t GW bugman’s dwarves, not sure if they are GW or not though to be honest, but defo not a Bugman troop πŸ™‚

  3. Love your models! I am obsessed with anything miniature. I agree with you on books vs. ebooks. Nothing like cracking open a real book. I have to look into the Courtiers book that you mentioned. I am so intrigued by that topic!

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