If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride… (journal/photoaday)


This is my drowned rat… I mean cat, Bonaparte. He is the perfect candidate for the photo a day hint of ‘water’ following his bath that he just loved. Of course, if sarcasm were understood via typing then this statement would be oozing it being as I have never heard such distressing sounds from an animals mouth. It was a necessity to get him spruced up though as his main pastime of the moment seems to be rolling around in mud/playing in the recycling bin. He had become so filthy that cuddling him had me covered in dirt too and due to his terror and total refusal to comply whenever the cleaning brush comes out, in the bath he had to go. Luckily he wasn’t in too much of a mood, our shoes didn’t get pooed in, but that may have something to do with using Dreamies cat treats as a bribe… 🙂


Today’s summer journal prompt is: “Money can’t buy happiness, but what is the one thing that would make your life easier if you bought it? Maybe it has yet to be invented…”

First off, the serious things that would be pretty useful if I could splash the cash:

1. A decent camera: seeing all you lovely people’s gorgeous photo’s put mine to such shame and I have convinced myself that having a good camera will halt my embarrassing snaps. Although it’s must likely to be a user error anyway.

2. I would be so happy to have a new vacuum cleaner. This is an incredibly pathetic thing I know, but I clean the floor sometimes twice a day (a necessity with 2 cats, 2 stepkids, building work and my OH’s job) and our dear old Henry used to be great, but is becoming less and less useful as time goes on due to old age.

3. Laser tattoo removal: Who doesn’t want to be able to erase some of their past mistakes? Some, (only a couple to be fair) of which are on my skin for all the world to have an opinion on :-/

4. Prescription sunglasses: At the moment, I can either wear my normal glasses and get blinded with glare from the sun, or wear my sunglasses and have blurry vision leading to me possibly getting hit by a bus. Naturally, I choose the first option.

As far as something that is not yet invented, a mind reader would be awfully nice thank you! I’m often told I have a ‘wearing my heart on my sleeve’ mentality, which usually leads to me questioning what other people are thinking and feeling. It’s not through nosiness, just that because I think I’m fairly open with my emotions and sometimes it is easier being aware of other people’s too, so as to know how to behave appropriately around them but mainly because I hate upsetting people. Plus, I would never have to ask ‘Do I look fat in this?’ ever again! 🙂


12 thoughts on “If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride… (journal/photoaday)

  1. Years ago my dad got my mum a Dyson for her birthday. My brother and I thought it was a big mistake but she loved it so much she hoovered the entire house straight away! Don’t underestimate the power of a good vacuum cleaner!

    • hehe that is a brilliant present! I would love it too. I can totally appreciate why you and your brother would have thought it would be a mistake though, think my mum would have hit the roof!:-)

  2. Well, I can’t give you a mind-reader, but you can buy these things called sun-glass clip-ons (it’s what I call them anyway!) that clip on to your normal glasses to turn them into effectively sunglasses. In the UK you can buy them at Vision Express (I think- lots of places have stopped selling them because of the transitions and they can slightly scratch your glasses right by the nose-piece where you don’t see it), and having had a quick look online you can order them there too 🙂 They really are awesome, I love using them in the summer

    • Thank you so much for that idea, i will definitely look into it. The transition glasses are so expensive! Sure they would be worth it though. I go to vision express to have them looked at so could always ask after them in there 🙂

  3. I like our Dyson! I now follow Ask Anna on pintrest, she had a how to clean your Dyson and now I don’t spend bucketloads getting the thing cleaned out after my OH uses it to pick up gib dust, sanding etc
    and I’d love prescription sunnies too. Very high on my wish list!

    • I did have a Dyson years and years ago but I let my brother borrow it and never got it back… I do love our Henry, he is just old and knackered now though so needs an upgraded version! I hope you get your new sunglasses soon 🙂

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