Our home is a pig sty (summer journal/photo a day)


‘Home’ is the photo a day hint and this photo shows what has been nailed to our front door for a few years now. We do different postmen asking where our pet pig is, which we all take great pleasure in saying ‘she’s inside’/’I’m here’. Truth is, my nickname is pig, so my OH thought it would be hilarious to buy me this one Christmas, possibly believing it to just be a joke that would end up in a drawer somewhere. But I found it so funny that it has been attached to our door ever since. Obviously coupled with my family, this says home to me and when I can see it I know I am only a few steps away from being in our sty 🙂


Today’s summer journal prompt is: “The room is set – the table is laid. All the preparation is finished and you have handy staff to see to the running of the rest of the evening. Your clothes are new and you look wonderful… You can invite up to 8 guests to enjoy a delicious dinner – who will you choose – from the past or the present?”

I have already answered a similar question via the Liebster award a while ago, but that only included people living today, so with this answer I will give some of my preferred guests from the past. I have tried to pick differently ‘categorised’ people so it’s not too samey (it would be too easy to reel off a list of kings and queens)…

1. The monarch: Queen Anne: Possibly my favourite royal of all time, I would, after seeking permission of course, give her a big cuddle and a shoulder to cry on.

2.The revolutionary: Charles Darwin: I would love to hear all the stories of his adventures in Galapagos and the evolution theorist would always be welcome round for tea and a chat about amazing creatures.

3. The Military: Napoleon Bonaparte: We would need somebody to lead the party and I don’t think my cat would forgive me if I didn’t invite his namesake.

4. The entertainer: Ludwig van Beethoven: My favourite composer, he could provide us all with his beautiful music to natter over.

5. The rebel: Boudicca: Who wouldn’t want the flame haired freedom fighter putting the world to rights at the dinner table?

6. The philosopher: Karl Marx/Friedrich Nietzsche: Yes, I need a slap on the wrist for not being decisive, but I couldn’t choose between these two very controversial yet deeply intelligent minds.

7. The Jack of all trades: Leonardo Da Vinci: As well as being a dab hand with a paintbrush and an astute mathematician, he clearly paved the way for other inventors so possibly would think up something brilliant mid meal and most likely find conversation with everyone.

8. The pacifist: Siddhartha Gautama: Last but by no means least, the enlightened one himself, who I would think be called upon to restore some peace and humanitarianism after a night with a potentially rowdy bunch of guests.

Today’s prompt was actually quite tricky purely because of how much choice there was, it took me a while to pick who I would invite and there were so many people I would love to have dinner with that I think I would need to have a huge party! 🙂

12 thoughts on “Our home is a pig sty (summer journal/photo a day)

  1. Wow, that would make a really fascinating gathering over dinner. Can I be the fly on the wall? The conversations between these people, can you imagine? Considering I’m currently very near the birthplace of Darwin, I’d have to agree he would make an excellent guest 😉

      • Yes, there are several places of interest around the area, including giant statues and information. For your dinner party, I think I would choose to sit between Beethoven and Leonardo. It would be interesting to study their hands while engaged in conversation and whether they had a unique way of holding cutlery! I would ask about Da Vinci’s mirror writing too 🙂

      • done, I have reserved you a seat! I would have to sit somewhere near to hear of Da Vinci’s mirror writing, incredibly intriguing. I have always imagined Beethoven to be really grumpy :-/

  2. What a great list of dinner guests!! That would be a conversation worth listening too. And I love the stew bath people…that picture made me smile.

    • hehe it looks quite inviting doesn’t it! If I ever make a time machine that allows me to actually have this dinner party I will make sure I take notes to describe the conversation 🙂

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