When cucumbers aren’t cool… (summer journal/photo a day)

2013-01-22 16.37.40

No, I haven’t gone on holiday to Antarctica, but the photo a day hint is ‘cool’ and England is in the middle of a very amazing heatwave! I suppose I could have put a picture of something cool as in awesome totally rad man… ( ahem,*composes self*), but instead went for this which I think was from last year or maybe the one before. Taking full advantage of the snow, as it is about as elusive here as the sunshine gracing us right now, we took an after school dive up to the park and created this snowcat/snowpig hybrid. No, the scarf wasn’t a permanent donation, despite that being suggested by my stepkids 🙂

Today’s summer journal prompt is: “You always keep a well stocked freezer. Today is the day you organise your meals for the week. However, on searching through your stores you discover that ‘miraculously’ all your frozen food has been converted into melon balls. What do you do?”

If this means what I think it means and the freezer has defrosted, then put the majority in the fridge and invite people round for dinner a few nights on the trot. All anyone can do isn’t it? No point letting it go to waste so it would be a good excuse to have a few get together’s. If that’s what it means of course. I am a fan of the odd idiom or two, as well as being pun-tastic at every opportunity, but hadn’t heard of ‘converted into melon balls’ other than the fruit becoming something to get tiddly by, but I have a feeling that that isn’t the meaning. Tips welcomed! 🙂

8 thoughts on “When cucumbers aren’t cool… (summer journal/photo a day)

  1. I think it might be absolutely literal: Everything in the freezer has become bite-sized (non-alcoholic) balls of melon, like for appetizers. (My answer: Serve them wrapped in prosciutto tonight, go shopping tomorrow. 🙂 )

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