Late bloomer (summer journal/photo a day)

casting_on[1]Woo! I bit the knitting bullet and casted on for the first time. It coincides well with ‘repeat’ being the hint for the photo a day as well, so double whammy! I have wanted to start for such a long time, but to be honest the talk at the weekend of knitting a beard hat is what has revamped my wanting to give it a go and I really should have tried this years ago. This is all I have done though and I found it quite difficult, but I’m just going to perceive with it and keep trying. If all else fails, I will just moan on here about it πŸ˜‰


Today’s summer journal prompt is: “List 5 flowers that you love. Are they in your garden? Will they be in your garden? Have they been in your garden? Why are they your favourites?”

1. Sunflowers: It’s no secret that I love these, mainly because they remind me of sunshine itself, but also because of how cheerful and happy I imagine them to be.

2. Blue Delphiniums:Β We have always associated them with our son.

3. Chrysanthemums yellow and white: As above and also are a part of a poem by A.A.Milne in his ‘now we are six’ book that is dear to my heart.

4. Tiger lilies: Another sentimental one, also have a very cat skin like pattern which is always a positive!

5. Cherry blossoms: Although they seem to be regarded as fairly simple in their look, I love how delicately beautiful they are. I always look forward to seeing them in bloom in the spring.

With so many beauties to choose from, I could have gone on and on with that list. Unfortunately none of these are growing in our garden, only a fuchsia bush (which I am very pleased about) but we do have blue delphinium’s growing in our son’s tribute garden though thankfully. At primary school, we had a sunflower growing competition, which I claimed first prize for with a huge bloom, but my growing prowess was spent on that as I have been nothing but a disaster in trying to keep plants alive since then. Apparently, cherry blossom trees are not difficult to maintain so maybe I should give that a go next. Although I’m not counting on it being a success! πŸ™‚


23 thoughts on “Late bloomer (summer journal/photo a day)

  1. well done for starting to knit and also well done on your sunflower! He he! My gardening skills would make a garden gnome lose its beard! My husband will only grow things that are edible or he can chop up, so I have to go and visit walled gardens at National Trust sights (or sit in my mum’s garden) to enjoy the flowers!

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