Rise to the challenge (summer journal/photo a day)

PHOTO-A-DAY-JULY-1024x1024In case any of you want to join in with the photo a day challenge, as well as the above image you can see the initial blogger’s post about it here. It would be great if you could join in, it’s actually a lot of fun and has made me look at things a little differently so you may enjoy it too!


It’s the last entry for July’s photo a day, with the hint ‘rise’. I was planning on doing some baking to portray it but realised that my culinary prowess is awol and my ‘tasty’ treats haven’t risen the past few times. I decided to introduce our other cat, who until now has remained elusive on the blog. The reason I have chosen this picture is due to the fact he is perched high up on a chair and has a need to be always taller and rise himself up so he is able to spectate on everyone else. (mainly our other cat, Bonaparte…) Bit of an odd entry I know, but my logic is on holiday today. This furry feline is a lot older than Boney and in our opinion, bears a striking resemblance to a famous historical tyrant. You are more than welcome to suggest who this might be and hopefully restore faith in our own sanity by agreeing!


Today’s summer journal prompt is: “Set 3 goals for next month – these can be home/work/art/journal related – or choose another aspect of your life”

1. Make my OH’s dice bag I have been meaning to make for ages. I have been putting this off for a while, mainly because I have never made a drawstring bag before, but I need to get on with it as it’s his birthday in under two weeks and I promised he would have it for then.

2. There is a festival being held at Bosworth field for the 529th anniversary of the War of the roses battle which we would both really love to go to. In connection with that, there is also a Richard III visitor centre that has just opened in Leicester that would be great to go to as well. At the anniversary event, there is a reenactment, a jousting show, medieval market/games/dancing, falconry, 15th century fashion show, fire power show and an arming of the knights display. It is not long after OH’s birthday either so hopefully we will get to go to celebrate it.

3. The kitchen being a building site has made it quite difficult to cook for long periods of time which is a shame because I normally make cakes etc with my stepkid’s when they are off school. So my last goal is to actually do some baking with them over the summer holiday’s, even if it’s something small and quick. It will also be a form of entertainment/distraction from the Xbox for at least 20 minutes!

I hope I will be able to fulfill all of my goals, I also have a long to-do list to accompany these three so I will need to give myself a good boot up the bum 🙂



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