Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink (journal/photo)


The photo a day hint is ‘lunch’ and due to the contents of my plate not being all that thrilling, I will share this exhibit that is currently at our local Art gallery. It’s a lunch, including a newspaper, all sewn out of fabric and something I couldn’t resist taking a snap of. Must have taken ages to make, unlike my dinner which I scoffed down heartily. I also couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to use a line from possibly my favourite poem, ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, for the title 🙂

2013-08-11 09.52.14

Today’s summer journal prompt is: “Sand in your toes and grit in the sandwiches. How do you regard the beach?”

Love it love it love it! Getting covered in sand and having grit in your sandwiches matters squat when the sun is shining and you are building castles in amongst diving in and out of the sea. Most of my happy memories as a child are from time spent in Mablethorpe (apart from when I was apparently screaming my head off scared to death of Donkey’s as a toddler), where my Gran owned a flat right by the sea. Every year we went there and spent almost every day at the beach, just being kids. Running around, burying each other, playing scatch (those paddles covered in velcro with soft balls), seeing who could last longest in the freezing cold sea and getting burnt to a crisp. We all loved it, never getting bored, never moaning about going home to play xbox like I have witnessed in so many kids recently, just appreciating every minute of lapping up the sun and having a blast with our siblings. Thinking of it now makes me miss so much the carefree fun loving attitude we used to share together. Maybe a day out at the beach should be a plan for my brother, sister and I like old times. Although, I’m not sure how well my brother would suit teenage mutant ninja turtle armbands these days! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink (journal/photo)

  1. I’m glad that you enjoyed the beach as a child- I couldn’t (and still can’t) stand the beach- I absolutely hate getting things between my toes (I have 2 pairs of flip flops which I’ll wear, and that’s it)

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