Eyes like saucers (summer journal/photo a day)

20140803_131046[1]Today we went on a lovely sunny stroll to Dunchurch, which is about an hour or so’s walk from home, in order to go to a vintage craft fair we had seen advertised. While the fair itself wasn’t as inspiring as we had hoped, the tea room there was gorgeous. The beautiful china was perfect for today’s photo a day hint of ‘S is for’ with this beautiful teacup and saucer serving my tea. I know it’s just a cup really, but there is something lovely and quaint about drinking from such tiny and fragile vessels that transported me back to my Great Grandma’s house. It was quite funny seeing my 6″6 giant handed OH sipping his coffee from them too 😀


Today’s summer journal prompt is: “You, or the gardener, are digging a hole to plant a shrub. You find a beautiful box  – what does it contain? The one thing that is for sure is that it isn’t animal remains – the box is far too fancy for that!”

Of course, who wouldn’t want to find some buried treasure? Quite funny that I’ve ended up on a piratical theme after the funny birthday story earlier on in the week too. I would love it to be a box filled with photo’s and documents, somebodies memory caddy that could lead to solving a mystery on the owner’s identity. That would be really fun and something I know we would all enjoy after being introduced to geocaching last year. The other thing that would be amazingly eerie but alluring would be a box that I cannot open at all, like a music box full of cogs and springs creating a bewitching sound that I could not decipher. Most likely as my luck with anything related to the garden being less than fruitful, it would end up being empty. As much as there isn’t any doubloons, I still would get a pretty box and a lot of excitement 🙂



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