“The smallest deed is better than the greatest intention” (P.A.D & S.J)


The title is a quote from John Burroughs, the naturalist and figurehead of the conservation movement and is very apt to both sections of this post. The first part, for photo a day is ‘Pile’, with this forever mounting mass of stitches needing to be framed. With most of them, we have had trouble finding suitable frames, the sizes of them being awkward and the only ones that would fit smaller pieces being pretty dull. We do intend to sort them out soon though before the molehill turns into a mountain and when I can sell a kidney to pay for all of the frames 🙂


Today’s summer journal prompt is: “List 5 things you intend to do TODAY”

Well as it is now mid afternoon, I can already tell you that I have floundered in a few of my plans…

1. Attend the world war one centenary parade in the town. (Stepson being grounded started off a day of failures)

2. Due to the kitchen being a building site, this year I can’t bake my OH’s birthday cake like I normally do, so finding a suitable one elsewhere was the second mission for today. (Despite searching high and low, failed)

3. Clean all of the floors upstairs and downstairs. (Our Henry passed away mid vacuum, so another fail)

4. Price up/sort out all the things to go on ebay. (Half done, mid way remembering a doctor’s appointment)

5. Buy/help to choose the kid’s birthday presents to give to their dad/wrap my own gifts for him (An actual success!)

At least one of them was achieved and 3 of the other 4 will now be added to tomorrow’s list of jobs. To make myself feel like I’ve been a little more productive and less of a trying hard/failing miserably hybrid, I will add a new thing to the list, which is Cook dinner. I know for a fact that will be getting done as I am off to prepare it now 🙂

8 thoughts on ““The smallest deed is better than the greatest intention” (P.A.D & S.J)

  1. Yay for setting yourself up for success! Putting things that need doing on a list of things to do is always so very helpful 🙂 When I need a giant kick-up-the-butt to get moving again, I write a very simple list of 3 things to do that day 🙂 Doesn’t take long, and if I start off with one that I’m looking forward to it gives me the impetus to move onto the rest! Have fun with finding frames for all those cross stitches! And well done for finishing them all!

    • That’s a very good point. I may just take your advice on put more simple things on the to-do lists. Ive found that everything from yesterday has ended up on today’s one so I may refine it to: 1. sort OH packed lunch 2. Strip the beds. 3. Clean bathroom. Mainly because they are all already done hehe 🙂

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