Owing a debt of gratitude (summer journal/photo a day)

horses[1] tank[1] tank1[1] tank_2[1]

Despite missing out on the world war one centenary parade, whilst birthday cake hunting I got to take a sneaky detour through where the display was being held. The vehicles there were phenomenally breathtaking, the sheer size of the first one dwarfing us all and weighing a staggering 28 tons. The picture I have opted for the photo a day hint of ‘grateful for’ is the top one. Seeing the bond this ex-serviceman had with his friend (who was saddled up with authentic world war one regalia that an average warhorse would have worn), really made me teary. Of course, this gent did not serve in the great war, but somehow seeing the love and respect he had for his horse, as he affirmed, all of the soldiers would have had for their steed, made me feel so humbled. Although obviously I know that the fighting force were mainly just average Joe’s, they were all a normal somebodies son, or father, or uncle, but never really appreciating that if we were around then, it would be people like my brother and OH facing the call up. Just that thought has really got to me. So, in answer to the hint, Im grateful for the heroes who became martyrs, the boys who were forced to become men and the suffering and sacrifice of the unknown soldier to keep all of us living free.


Moving on from that before I start welling up again, today’s summer journal prompt is: “Take some time today to be quiet. Sit in the garden, by the window – you choose your place. Wherever you are , just take time to really LOOK. So often we glance, but don’t really SEE what is there. Write about something you notice”

I always see the same things when looking into the garden, usually one of the cats acting like they have never seen a leaf before or trying to attack a bee, but today I choose to look at something different. Just to make it clear, I would normally avoid this activity at any cost, but I decided to watch a spider form its web. Despite finding them really creepy, nobody could deny that they are fascinating creatures. The structures they make out of their home spun silk are so delicately beautiful that it’s hard to believe they are created by such an alarming arachnid. I watched for a little while, until my cat decided to run smack bang into my leg while chasing a random insect. When I looked back to carry on viewing the web weaver, I couldn’t find it, which freaked me out as my mind was telling me it could have jumped on me and I ran back inside. So lesson of today: If you are going to watch a creature that gives you the heebie jeebie’s, make sure you always keep an eye on it, even if your pet decides to claw you mid gaze 🙂

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