To the manner born (summer journal/photo a day)

2013-10-29 00.06.19

Today’s summer journal prompt is: “What is your favourite crafting technique?”

This obviously gave me a perfect reason to share another photo of my Henry progress. This was last night’s stitching and was the result of staying up until 2.30 in the morning with insomnia lol. That is why I’d say cross stitching and tapestry are my favourite crafting techniques and certainly my go-to hobby. There are plenty of others that I love and a barrel load of ones that I want to try, but I do this type most often and with most enjoyment. It is most likely because I do a fair amount of them meaning that I can still relax when stitching while not worrying about making mistakes too much, yet it still keeps my mind buzzing by reading the charts as I go. If I were to do another crafting technique as often, I would most likely have a new favourite because for me it’s all about trying to wind down and relax with a craft, not seeing it as a stressfest like it usually is learning something new for a less than competent novice like myself. Before I got so into cross stitching, before I started this blog, my weapon of choice was very basic patch work/applique and before that it was painting/upcycling. So basically I go through phases, I must say that the current one has been the longest running and the most calming (there are a few blips though), but I’m sure with some of the things I have in the pipeline it may all change soon. So watch this space! šŸ™‚

ticket_to_ride[1] 2013-04-02 12.42.08

I couldn’t find a way to take a ‘photo a day’ for ‘pet peeve’ to show the actual thing that really gets my goat. I tried to take a photo of my biggest annoyance yesterday on the train but I was far too unsubtle to achieve my goal. The main things that really really infuriates me are poor manners. On the whole, I’d say I’m quite an easygoing person but the man on the same carriage as me yesterday really showcased what turns smiley happy Emma into big chief raging bull. There were several people standing up with me, including a very frail looking man and a lady who looked incredibly ill, but that didn’t matter to this solipsist. He lay proudly over three seats, with his hand under his head and his grubby shoes all over the last seat, the three opposite ones being taken up by his suitcase and a crate of Stella. A class act. Unfortunately as I tried to sneakily take a photo, it was his and annoyingly also my stop to get off. We live just up the road from the station so I had to walk behind him on my way home, dodging his saliva that got spat onto the floor and trying to block out overhearing his phone conversation where every other word was ‘cu*t’ and ‘reefa’. He was not a one off though, I get really peeved with the state of people’s manners and I believe everyone should be chivalrous, not as in just men holding out chairs for women, but all of us should be courteous to each other, whatever your gender, especially when somebody is in need like the old gent on the train whose 70+ year old legs were clearly yearning for a rest. I find it baffling that P’s and Q’s don’t just come naturally to some and that I have recently witnessed others thinking it is perfectly acceptable to slam a door in a strangers face on purpose while laughing and belching with pride as loud as possible without an excuse me in the middle of a cafe with young children present, soaking up their supposed adult ‘role models’. There is no need for it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m hardly queen of etiquette and getting out your finest china isn’t my point at all, giving each other respect is and cliche as it sounds, manners cost nothing and being an ignorant buffoon is a very expensive hobby. That being it leads to the loss of one of the most important things, pride in yourself. After that rant, that got me annoyed just retelling yesterday’s story, I have taken the photo a day literally and shared a couple of pictures of the thing that peeves me about my pet. I adore our two cats, but Bonaparte has a knack of ignoring you when you want to give him a good cuddle and then when you give up and move on to something else, deciding no, he wants attention then. This displayed perfectly in the above photo when my stepkids and I were trying to play a game and he was going to sit in the middle of it. To be fair, I don’t find this annoying really, it’s more cute and funny šŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “To the manner born (summer journal/photo a day)

  1. I really admire you patience with cross stitch, and Henry is coming along wonderfully! I had trouble with yesterday’s photo prompt too. I HATE people spitting in the street! It’s vile! I wish someone would make using hankies or tissues the next big trend so the phlegmy ****ers would deal with it in a civilized way! I went for the easier husband-never-picking-anything-up-off-the-floor option for the photo. Not sure I’d want a snot spitting youth on my instagram feed anyway, even if I had managed to catch one in the act!

    • I agree totally, a phlegmer should be as far away as possible in my opinion too. There are so many pretty hankies and now even funky patterned tissues that there is no excuse, truly gross!I should have done the OH leaving stuff all over the floor too, would have plenty of photo options then! šŸ™‚

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