State of the art (summer journal/photo a day)


The photo a day hint is ‘art’. There were tons of ideas popping into my head so I decided to go with something a little more outside of the box and opt for the artistry in nature. This beautiful bird is the regal resident of the Victorian rose gardens at Warwick castle. Nobody can deny the splendour of every creature, but these peacocks really took my breath away. We did get to see them display their colourful tails, but were not quick enough to get a snap of them showing off, so a picture of two chilling out together hopefully suffices. Would be nice to be a natural piece of art like these stunners 🙂


The summer journal prompt is: “You  have just written your first novel. What is it called?”

‘Belonging or just forever kneeling’

I thought of so many mimic’s of popular titles, like ‘Fifty shades of earl grey’, ‘Gracie trotter’ and ‘The hunger mames’ but I went for an apt lyric to one of my favourite songs, Seven seas by Echo and the bunnymen. It would probably have a picture of a a cat doing something silly on the front and the blurb would be a less than enticing, albeit fairly confusing, few lines. I would probably get my sister to do one of the appraisals, which would probably be ‘I knew all of this, but still alright to read I guess. Good one Boo’ hehe. When am I going to do an autobiography? 😉

8 thoughts on “State of the art (summer journal/photo a day)

    • wow, I love them and I bet the gorgeous colours loook stunning as a tattoo. My mum wouldn’t let us have anything with peacocks on as kids because she superstitiously saw them as bad luck, don’t know how they could be with how beautiful they are 🙂

      • I’ve no idea but would love to find out… according to google it stems from India where the feathers are supposed to show the ‘evil eye’. My mum isn’t from India so I should tell her to stop being superstitious with them 🙂

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