Through the looking glass (summer journal/photo a day)


With the photo a day hint of ‘mirror’, I decided to go with the symmetry side of the theme rather than the whole looking glass thing. It’s my OH’s birthday tomorrow, so I thought I would take the opportunity to show how annoyingly pedantic I can be with wrapping presents. I find it oddly satisfying to get the paper to match up and mirror the pattern, as the above picture demonstrates and I am blaming one of my favourite artists for this, M. C. Escher. His tessellating graphics have always enraptured me, so much so that I have his ‘hand reflecting sphere’ piece tattooed on my shoulder and I have decided he is the reason behind my need for composition harmony. Not that I need my head testing at all….Ahem, moving on…


Today’s summer journal prompt is: “Do you collect things in your purse? Rummage through your purse or bag and find some receipts. Tell us about at least two of them”

My purse is too clogged up with loyalty point cards for nearly every shop I may have gone in once that it is near impossible to collect anything in it. The nearest thing probably is that I have a few train tickets that I have lazily not chucked away yet, but my bag is a different story. I call my bag ‘sac magie’, which any tots TV viewer may remember is Tilly the french girl’s bag that is full of everything. That pretty much sums up my bag, only the contents of her’s were always something magical whereas mine tends to be full of useless crap, including a load of pointless receipts for things I will never take back so I am now going to throw away. The two as requested are equally as unnecessary, one is for a bottle of Buxton water that was extortionately priced via the hospital at Β£1.90 (if it wasn’t for a near fainting I would have refused to buy it) and the other one doesn’t even say where it is from, but apparently I spent Β£4.67, so it is most likely from the fruit shop in town which is the only place I can think of that doesn’t have it’s company name emblazoned on it. Good for them and their ink saving ways πŸ˜‰

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