Don’t let bygones be bygones (summer journal/photo a day)


True to the photo a day hint, this was a ‘gather’-ing of pieces of old fabric to form a rag rug that we saw at the Black country museum yesterday (please ignore my stepdaughter’s feet hehe). I hadn’t been there for years and my OH was keen to go so we went for his birthday. It was absolutely brilliant, so so much to see and do and felt totally like we had been transported to a completely different world. To those that haven’t been before, it is a whole town set up as it would have been in different time periods in ‘yam yam’ history, the main town of which we reached from the ticket office on an original 1940’s bus! I have some pictures for the other photo a day’s lined up from there so I don’t bombard with information and images, but it was beyond excellent, really worth the time and money in going. Unfortunately with so many options on things to do, we didn’t get chance to go to the original mine that still resides there, showcasing the main export of Wolverhampton in days gone by. May have been a blessing in disguise with us mainly wearing pale colours that would get covered in soot!


Today’s summer journal prompt is: “List 5 things you did yesterday”

1. As said above, took a journey on a 1940’s bus, which scared the kids witless with the lack of a door, only a piece of rope held by a conductor.

2. Had a lesson from a ‘Victorian’ teacher at St.James’s school, which was built in 1842, including handwriting practice and the introduction to the very confusing currency system of the time.

3. Witnessed an ironmonger making chaining for the canal boats, some of which are still in operation from decades ago.

4. Learnt the art of Victorian pill making at the potionmaker’s pharmacy.

5. Toured around original 2 up 2 down terrace houses that held actors telling us true stories of their bygone residents, including one that homed 14 people who all had to use the same privy outside!

I’m glad of this prompt today so I could yabber on a little about our adventures but I will shut up now before yawning ensues 😀

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