A wet lettuce (summer journal/photo a day)

amonite[1]This beautiful specimen was part of the Coal mine display at the Black Country Museum. It shows a very large selection of ammonites dating back to the Jurassic period and were found in Bavaria. It was incredible seeing all of the small details on the mollusc fossils and them being buried for thousands of years is perfect for my photo a day ‘inside’ entry. I have seen many examples of ammonites before, but never in such a large quantity so it made me want to find out more about them. I was intrigued to see a suggested picture of what they may have looked like and in my opinion, they resemble a giant snail/squid hybrid, similar to the Nautilus species. In fact though, they are more closely related to a group of marine creatures called Coleoids, which also include cuttlefish and octopus. Not that I will be meeting one of the giant invertebrates anytime soon (unless I build a time machine), but I had to find out more after being so mesmerised  by their intricacies.

imagesToday’s summer journal prompt is: “My father used to call it ‘rabbit food’ and as far as Peter Rabbit was concerned it was ‘soporiphic’. What is your opinion of lettuce – and how do you prefer it served?”

Bit of an odd one, but surprises are nice most of the time so yeah I love lettuce. A large handful of iceberg contains only around 1g of carbohydrate so my plate gets stacked full of the stuff. I’m not keen on lamb’s lettuce or curly endive, mainly because I think they taste bizarre and the latter remind me of spiders, preferring to stick to the more traditional berg’s and Romaine hearts. I don’t use salad dressings as they can be too sweet, so I just lump on the tomatoes, cucumbers, courgette, gherkins and mushrooms onto my dinner instead 🙂


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