Leave of absence (summer journal/photo a day)

soviet[1]soviet2[1]I have two day’s of updates to do on this post after going off to London for a couple of days to see my sister. Naughty me for neglecting the blog, but it was lovely visiting her and I’m sure some of our adventures will unfold on other posts. Well to explain the above photo’s, theΒ photo hint for yesterday was ‘gift’, so I thought I would share one of the present’s I made for my OH’s birthday. To excuse any mistakes that the more accomplished sewers may spot, this was my first attempt at making a drawstring bag so take it easy on me! For one of his 28mm miniature model games that he enjoys, he needed a dice bag and as he is playing as the world war two Soviet Union, this bright red bag fitted the bill. It actually took me an awful lot longer than I expected, mainly because I naively forgot about seam allowance, but oddly only on the top strip that housed the drawstring. So obviously there was a lot of easing in (as my college tutor used to say) but I got there in the end. It was all lined and it was all made using the gold and red Soviet colours. I found the patch on good old Ebay and then embellished round it with yellow star buttons. Hopefully my next attempt will be better, but for now he thinks it is fit for any Stalin player πŸ™‚

cloud[1]The second photo hint was ‘clouds’. As you can see, this was a very fluffy white clouded picture, but in a gorgeous way, making this helter skelter at the Black Country Museum look like a giant ice cream to me…


Which leads nicely onto Thursday’sΒ summer journal prompt: “Do you have a favourite ice cream? If you could invent a flavour, what would it be?”

I’m not really a fan of ice cream, having a Mr Whippy at the seaside is great but earlier in life I wouldn’t have opted for one for a treat. It’s probably because I was never really able to have them as a kid so I have just kind of learnt to not be too keen to avoid disappointment, but I do remember enjoying the mint choc chip Gino Ginelli and one that had pistachio in it but I have no idea on it’s name. If I could bring that stuff back I certainly would as it’s the only ice cream I’ve had that I miss eating. So far as inventing a new flavour goes, it would have to be toffifee (they are amazingly yummy chocolates) and nectarine flavour. One of my favourite fruits combined with a totally moreish treat = too many carbs but an awesomely divine dish! πŸ™‚

index“Earlier in this series we remembered making a camp. Now design a new one. This is just for you – it’s a secret place and there you can be the person you want to be. However, the entrance is a door in a tree trunk and from there an elevator whisks you up into the branches of a tree! Write about your tree house”

Well if I could have one then it would of course be magical. Anybody who entered my tree house would always be happy, they would smile until their cheeks hurt and love each other so much that they would want to build their own above ground den. You would never need for anything up there, always being warm, clean and fed and would be able to lie back gazing at the stars to your heart’s content. Of course, as it’s my magical hideout, it would be in the best spot to see all of the constellations and they would appear even brighter from up in the branches. Anybody could come and join me whenever they wanted and just have a nice time, be happy and enjoy themselves, although selfishlessly I have decided I would have a corner just for me dedicated to all my crafting hobbies where I could sit and be peaceful stitching away without a care in the world. I would have to write a disclaimer to hang on the door saying I may not answer straight away, but nobody would care anyway as they would be loving just chilling out forgetting all their worries πŸ™‚




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