Read ’em and weep (summer journal/photo a day)

weeping_woman[1]The photo hint for today is ‘clean’ and while I know that this is of course Picasso’s infamous ‘Weeping woman’, as a child seeing a picture of this I genuinely believed she was cleaning her face. In my naive little mind I didn’t see her tears, only her tissue and it wasn’t until I saw this in person at the Tate Modern on Thursday that I fully understood the grief depicted in the painting. I was also struck by how vivid the colour’s still were and just how close to the public such a priceless piece of art was. I must admit that this isn’t a style that I tend to favour, but there is something really moving about this piece, even with it being a bizarre composition. So yeah, she wasn’t actually cleaning herself  but it’s all in the eye of the beholder, right? 😉

imagesToday’s summer journal prompt is: “Remember your best friend at school? You may or may not know where she/he is now , but write her a postcard.”

My best friend at primary school was actually a him. He was called Simon and as most kid’s do, we didn’t see each other as a member of the opposite sex, just as another friend who shared a love of Playmobil. I think it is a shame that as an adult it is usually deemed that there are ulterior motives if you are mates with the other gender, quite ridiculous really but that’s just the way it seems to be looked at. On the whole, most of my closest friends as a little girl and even as an adult, were mainly male (of course there are exceptions). Simon and I would be glued to each other at school, he was always my book buddy and knew that if he pushed me over in the mud I would get up and chase him around until he got covered in earth too. If only adult friendships were that easy! hehe. I won’t be writing him a postcard as I have no idea where he is, but if I did I would probably just ask him whether his kids (last I heard he had 2), read the Biff Chip and Kipper series like we did and if he still loves the Jungle Book that he used to repeatedly sing all the songs from. Probably wouldn’t say a lot more than that as I like to remember people as I knew them rather than the totally different grown up they have most likely have become. Too nostalgic for my own good hehe 🙂

8 thoughts on “Read ’em and weep (summer journal/photo a day)

  1. Oh I loved those Biff Chip and Kipper books! I had to read them twice, thanks to a change of schools, which at the time I hated as I much preferred the own-choice books I had been allowed to read, but they were such fun!

  2. what I love about this post: we all see slightly different things when we are children and when we are adults or just now as different people … but we do see things … isn’t that amazing? I think Mr Picasso would be pleased …

  3. I can so relate….but what get’s me is this: there’s a guy you work with whom you share a humorous, totally platonic, friendly work relationship. You get out of your car in the local Walmart only to turn around and see he and his wife getting out of their car across from you. You give him your usual big smile as you call his name. Only to have him quickly turn, take his wife’s arm and act like he never heard you. I just can’t get my mind all the way around that for some reason.

    • I know exactly what you mean. That has happened to me so many times and always makes me think either he is paranoid his wife will think something is going on or his wife gets incredibly jealous. I always find it ridiculous though because if that’s the case then behaving like that will probably make her even more suspicious 🙂

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