Strike while the iron’s hot

20140818_122909[1]Another double post today and to start off, a silly entry for the photo hint ‘dinner’. Being the forever pedantic person he is, my stepson can’t get it into his brain that I call my midday meal dinner and evening food tea and pulls me up on it every time I call them these. I know lots of people who refer to the meals in this way, but he finds it so bizarre that I thought this would be the 17’ths entry.

arrow[1] arrow_wall[1]Due to the zoom on my phone being totally inept, the first picture is a little poor so I shared two images for today’s photo hint of ‘arrow’. Ironically yesterday’s adventures at the battle of Bosworth anniversary event proved to be a perfect place for loads of relevant snaps. The bottom image was from the museum part of Bosworth, which was a very creative way of displaying weaponry and the top one was from a huge reenactment of the battle, showing the archer’s from the War of the Roses Trust. There was an incredible amount of things to see and do, including falconry, a Tewkesbury reenactment, fire power and jousting displays and the chance to walk round an authentic medieval soldier’s camp. Was an awesome day and I have WAY too many photo’s that may crop up later on 😀

imagesSo, yesterday’s summer journal prompt was: “There is nothing better than sleeping between freshly ironed sheets, but ironing is not a popular pastime! What is your opinion?”

My opinion is if it really needs ironing, then do it, if not then why bother? I think my Mum used to find it genuinely wrong that my sister and I iron nothing but shirts (unless it’s is REALLY creased) but gave up telling us year’s ago after my several ‘It gets messed up as soon as you put it on anyway’ retorts. Oddly though, we both used to love ironing when we were kids, finding it really therapeutic and my brother has to have all of his clothes neatly pressed and folded to feel at one with the world. It’s not that I dislike ironing, far from it, I actually love doing it when it is pressing open seams or preparing fabric to sew, but just feel when it is t-shirts and trousers that there are a lot more productive things to do than the ‘wax on/wax off’ motion for hours and as long as my OH doesn’t mind, I won’t either.


“What is your favourite way to cool down during a hot summer’s day?”

Any method that is quick, like having a cold shower or sticking my head in the fridge. Apart from my feet which are abnormal, my whole body is more often than not really warm anyway so when it gets too hot I quickly start sweating and feeling sick which is pretty grim. I always find it a lot harder to cool down than warm up as well so I very rarely wear jumpers, trousers or coat’s and especially in summer, only wear clothes that would be difficult to get too hot in. If my internal thermostat goes awol, ice is always great and if that doesn’t make a difference, I jump in the shower. Works a treat 🙂

2 thoughts on “Strike while the iron’s hot

  1. Oh yes, cold showers are totally the easiest way to cool down during the summer! Before I cut the radiator off my head (I have really thick, long hair and I chopped off about a foot!) it would take about 5 minutes for the cold water to reach my head! The back of my legs didn’t like the hot water from my hair, but still…

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