making a meal out of it

bosworth27_to_do[1]My great grandma used to call a row or fight or in fact anybody slightly aggravated as being in a bit of a ‘to-do’, so when the photo a day hint is that phrase I decided to go with her terminology meaning. This very poor picture was from the huge Battle of Bosworth reenactment, where there were several hundred people (I think, I couldn’t count with them running about with weapons) having a very large ‘to-do’. It was actually a lot more epic than my photo shows, quite intimidating really having all these big burly blokes all armoured up running headlong into each other waving halberds and poleaxes about but was a brilliantly entertaining way of depicting the bloody side of this time period. I’m sure the person next to us with a super duper zoomed up camera would provide some better evidence for this than me!

indexToday’s summer journal prompt is: “Write about 5 meals you would love to enjoy again”

1. I visited South of France about 8 years ago and while there tried traditional Cassoulet. I am not sure on what the difference is between this dish and it’s counterpart, casserole, but this one certainly tasted like one of the yummiest things I’ve ever had.

2. My dad’s lemon meringue pie. Talking of my great gran earlier, this was also her favourite thing to eat off of his menu. I can remember tasting it only once and really appreciating even as a child his patisserie chefing skills. The tartness of the lemon coupled with the perfectly moreish base was divine.

3. My mum’s Australian crunchie’s. She used to have and possibly still does have an incredibly old Be-ro book full of traditional recipes and this was one of the thing’s she used to make for us when we were little as a treat. So, so yummy, as well as her Yorkshire puddings that were like giant squishy cakes. She got taught how to bake them by her grandfather, who was a baker, so no wonder we wanted them for every meat and veg meal.

4. I love seafood. So when I got the opportunity to go to a specialised restaurant at the seaside, I grabbed it with both hands. The meal was gorgeous, lemon and ginger soaked squid rings (Calamari is one of my favourite foods), tiger prawns and tentacle stuffed with garlic infused crab meat. I know some people would wretch at that dinner, but I loved it!

5. Another nostalgic trip to France, to a tiny bakery with a totally forgotten name. The gent in there was exactly that, allowing us to sample a whole host of what he had created before we chose a torsado filled with creme patissiere and raisins and a wholemeal campagrain covered in linseed, poppy and pumpkin seeds. It might just be that it was a case of getting caught up an iconic symbol of the country or that they were straight from the oven so lovely and warm, but I would love to have these again.


Lovely as that was to reminisce of all those yummy foods, I am now hungry for everything that my pancreas would now reject me eating. Damn it hehe 🙂

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