If music be the food of love, play on


poppies7[1]I now have three days to catch up on, so as a disclaimer, this post may be a little long!

The top image is my entry for yesterday’s ‘decorate’ photo a day hint. This was of course the display of ceramic flowers over and around the tower of London to commemorate the fallen soldiers of world war one. I am really glad I got to see this in person because it truly was breathtakingly poignant and beautiful.

mable2[1]Wednesday’s hint was ‘before bedtime’, which is usually when things of that day get reflected on, usually with me and my OH rabbiting on to each other about what we have been up to. So on Wednesday I went to my childhood holiday destination, Mablethorpe, for a nostalgic trip back before my sister jets off to Australia :-(. Nothing had changed at all, still all the same and I just managed to get a fairly deceptive photo of how sunny it was before we got caught in the rain.

2013-09-23 01.31.17I wanted to share something more craft related for today’s hint, ‘words’. I don’t often stitch letters but for Christmas last year I sewed the ‘litany against fear’ quote from Dune for our friend’s gift. I created the pattern myself, using the Atreides house symbol as a border. I sewed a present for everybody and other than my OH’s gift, I was surprised that this took the longest. Hopefully one Muad’Dib would be happy with!

indexWednesday’s journal prompt was: “I am a person who works well under pressure. In fact, I work so well under pressure that at times, I will procrastinate in order to create this pressure.”- Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee. Discuss…”

Good for Stephanie that she has the ability to do that but I don’t procrastinate on purpose, that all comes naturally. I literally tie myself up in knots overly worrying about really insignificant things that they almost always get done in time and usually way in advance. Last year’s Christmas is a perfect example of this, when I decided I wanted to make everybody a gift, I got so paranoid that I wouldn’t get it all finished in time that I starting stitching away in April to make sure it all got done. I am so eager to make other’s happy and over think things that I apply tons of pressure on myself, most of the time unnecessarily, but it works as it gets the job done and I end up with spare evening time to spend on my other projects. I do sometimes wish I wouldn’t get so sentimental about trivial things though.


“Music, the food of love? What do you think?”

I totally agree. There are a barrel load of songs that remind me of the people I love, usually recalling special memories of them that I can’t help thinking of every time I hear them. With most people it is one specific song, but my OH and I have an awful lot of ‘songs’. To demonstrate, here are just a couple of examples:

OH: ‘Always’- Erasure, ‘It’s no good’- Depeche Mode, ‘Tower of strength’-The mission and ‘The safety dance’-Men without hats. That is just a few hehe.

Boo (sister): Literally every song from ‘Alice in Wonderland’, as well as most Disney tunes.

Pi (brother): ‘Champagne supernova/Talk tonight’-Oasis and ‘Yesterday’-The Beatles.

Mum: ‘Always a woman’- Billy Joel, ‘Towerblock’-Julia Fordham and ‘Love is a battlefield’-Pat Benatar.

Dad: ‘Ghosts’-Japan, ‘A different corner’-George Michael and ‘Forbidden colours’- Ryuichi Sakamoto/David Sylvian.

Grandma: ‘Don’t treat me like a child’-Helen Shapiro.

…As well as a swamp of songs that remind me of certain events (that I won’t bore you with). I think it is amazing how music has the power to associate itself with a particular person or occasion and the ability to make you feel incredibly happy and also incredibly sad.


“It’s better to take a risk than miss the moment. Tell us about time that you grabbed with both hands…or maybe you didn’t…?”

On the whole, I am certainly not a risk taker, mainly due to the fact that my health holds me back from being, as well as the fact I worry consistently. When I was younger though, I was a lot more carefree and used to go on little adventures all of the time. Looking back, it was very naive and silly of me to do some of the things I got up to, but I had such a lot of fun out of it that I can’t regret those times too much. Once I had the opportunity to go out for the day with a very newly acquired friend that I didn’t know well at all. We decided to just get in the car, drive somewhere and hope to find something fun to do once we arrived at the non designated destination. Although on the journey I was still not sure whether the driver was a mad axe murderer, I was relieved to find that we ended up at the seaside, spending most of the day playing in the sea which was a much needed boost of happiness for me then and that friendship blossomed into being one that saw me out of a pretty dark time. So that’s a good example of when taking the plunge is a good thing, unfortunately a lot of other examples of the ‘YOLO’ (my stepkids tell me that means you only live once) attitude aren’t so great. Although my rebellious nature has dwindled, I still appreciate every second I have on this Earth and try to grab opportunities that come my way, busying up my time and making the most of it. It is just a lot more planned than it used to be! 🙂





2 thoughts on “If music be the food of love, play on

  1. So much fun hearing about what you think about things! I totally agree with you about the YOLO thing- you only live once so you want to spend it with a massively debilitating STD?????????? Doesn’t really make sense to me, but then I quite often feel older than I am, so eh.

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