Out of fashion

2013-10-29 00.06.19So, this is the latest Henry update, which is also my entry for the ‘style’ hint. Check out those shoulders, I’m sure something Kate Moss would die for 😉

country28[1]‘Fragrant’ gave me a good excuse to share the above photo for today’s prompt. This was at the back of the apothecary at the Black Country museum and would be commonplace in a pharmacist’s back garden during the Victorian era. The smell oozing from all the herbs and spices was so beautiful and would have provided the key ingredients in all of the weird and wonderful potions dealt out to cure patients.

72788_458730763204_1289997_nYesterday’s summer journal prompt was: “Summer fashion! Tell us about something you once wore that was a mistake (even if it’s only with hindsight) or about a trend that you considered a mistake in general – and that you refused to join in”

There are way too many examples of outfits I wore that I thought were a good idea at the time and that are now cringeworthy. Because summer fashion was mentioned, I thought I would share something that was a bad idea during a very hot evening, which is of course the above image. It was July and I was going to a fancy dress party so for some reason I thought it was a good idea to wear a Darth Vadar costume complete with a sweltering hot mask that I could barely breathe in. I was so committed (or stubborn) that I kept it on for the entire night and I can safely say I drank a fair few diet coke’s to keep me hydrated! I wasn’t the only one with a silly outfit on though, the girl next to me was wearing a fleecy onesie! *shudders* I am very pleased that I now (in my opinion) have grown past my teenage I’m going to wear the most ridiculous things phase and have a much less stupid idea of what is a good thing to put on. As far as a trend that I didn’t partake in, I think the one my friend’s did as a kid was braiding their hair. I have never done that, after seeing one of them having to have it cut out I think I was put off of the idea, plus there was no way my Mum would have agreed to that.


“Write about the longest journey you made in summertime”

Definitely the trip to South of France and anybody that has been there will tell you how boiling it is during the summer. I had to get a train from Rugby to London Euston, then a tube to Waterloo tube station where it used to be and then I walked to the Eurostar. The trip from my hometown to Waterloo had already taken 2 hours and then after the 2 hour 30 minute Eurostar journey, 4 and a half hours had already been clocked up. Then after a metro and taxi ride and jumping onto a double decker SNCF TGV for a 4 and a half hour journey, followed by another taxi trip, I finally arrived at the cruiser, our final destination (until the same journey two weeks later). So all in all, it took around 11 hours give or take, which considering how far it was to travel to, wasn’t really that long but it was baking hot and laborious so everyone kind of collapsed once we realised we could say goodbye to trains and taxi’s for a while 🙂


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