“I just need a labotomy and some tights!”

bosworth3[1]Chainmail seemed to be a perfect candidate for yesterday’s photo hint ‘mail’. This lot was at the battle of Bosworth museum and would have been worn by the soldiers fighting amongst the rabble. Image lumbering round with this lot on your back? Not for the faint hearted!

20140826_115959[1]Today’s hint is ‘breakfast’ and as I don’t eat in the mornings, I thought I would just photograph one of my favourite films instead with the word in the title hehe. Cheesy as they are, I love the 80’s brat pack movies and this one is the best in my opinion. So much so that my sister and I have so many quotes from it that we regularly use in our normal speech pattern.

376380_10151037976708676_273371269_nYesterday’s summer journal prompt was: “A character on TV once said ‘You can never have enough shoes, gloves or handbags’. What is your opinion?”

I think Andy Warhol said something about never having too many shoes, but I’m afraid I don’t share his opinion. I have a few pairs of shoes, a pair for when it is is really cold and rainy, 2 pairs for the sunshine, my wellies and my ‘mucky’ shoes for painting/gardening in. That is all. They are all practical but still pretty and get used regularly. I have never owned a pair that don’t get used as I think it is totally unnecessary and a waste of money. Everybody has their ‘thing’ that they like though, so fair play to anybody with a penchant for feet holders. It’s just not me, nor are the gloves, I have one pair. The female side of my whole family seem to have an obsession with handbags, my mum and gran have so so many but prefer to use mainly just one in particular but again, that’s not me. I have a bag that I love and use that to death until it falls apart. Then I try and stitch it up or mend it in anyway I can until it’s Christmas and I may get a new one.

“List 5 trees that grow within half a mile of your home”

English Oak (a fair few acorns have been collected from this one), Ash, Aspen (these remind me of caterpillars), Elm and Crab apple. I think these are the names anyway, I am no tree surgeon though so may be wrong. I associate them with certain characteristics. Oak is the acorns, Ash is the non singular leaves, Aspen is the caterpillar one, Elm is the oval leaved one with coarse bark and the Crab apple is the one with the obvious little fruits. Anybody more in the know than me please feel free to correct me as I am probably wrong πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on ““I just need a labotomy and some tights!”

  1. that is such a cool picture.. me too.. not much of a shoe person.. I think I only stick to 2 pairs and change as and when they are worn out.. But… I have an obsessions with bags.. LOL.. thanks for your post.

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