Train of thought

waterliles[1]Before I use this photo for the ‘dull’ photo hint, I don’t mean to offend any art critics so apologies if I do. After my visit to the Tate Modern, I was quite shocked by how much Waterlilies by Monet was lacking in vivid colour. Obviously being one of a set, this was painted somewhere between 1890-1930 so could be why some of the colour has been lost. Of course it is still beautiful and awe inspiring, that is unquestionable and it was a conversation starter which in my opinion is a big part of art (as is being a poet who didn’t know it hehe) 🙂

100_1584Today’s hint was ‘travel’ and although this picture might not be all that inspiring, it was our view from the steam train we took a ride on which was very awesome! I may just be being a hopeless romantic, but there is something so magical about this mode of transport that takes you back to a bygone era. It was so very nice pretending like we were in some kind of Hitchcock film that we all want to go on another one!


imagesYesterday’s summer journal prompt was : “We all like to feel clean. Bath or shower? Do you have a preference?”

Not really, depends on ease at the time. When it’s too hot, I need a quick clean fix or I’m really grubby then I’d have a shower. If it’s cold, I’m unwell or want to relax, I’d soak it up in the bath.


“How good are you at ‘loving’ yourself”

Ooo, that’s a bit of a deep one Fanwy! As much as I know that you should love yourself, nobody is perfect, yadder yadder… the answer is not very. I don’t think it is easy for anybody insecure to love themselves and I truly don’t always see a reason to do so. I am happy being quietly confident enough to stand up for my opinions, defend myself and be friendly to total strangers and don’t feel like I have ever had to love myself to achieve this. I give all of that spare love not wasted on myself to others which is a much more rewarding thing and stops me from being ‘up myself’ or arrogant which I think are both very ugly traits 🙂

4 thoughts on “Train of thought

    • oh don’t get me wrong I didn’t write them off, I knew that there were several and have seen images like those on the link before which truly show their beauty. This one was beautiful also, just a lot less vivid than I’d imagined 🙂

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