A blessing in disguise

20140827_181954[1]My stepkid’s and I made these for theirs and their Dad’s pudding so is my ‘dessert’ photo a day entry. They were really simple to make, just standard cornflake cakes, but as we had run out of Tate and Lyle’s we just used gingerbread coffee syrup instead. They may not look to appetising, but I am told they are ‘perfect for breakfast on Christmas’ and these are the only ones left from a huge batch so they must be quite nice 🙂

 imagesToday’s summer journal prompt is: ” ‘If you tell the truth then you don’t have to remember anything’ Mark Twain. Write about a time you made an excuse and were almost found out”

I totally agree with Mr. Twain, I also don’t have a good enough memory to be able to uphold a fib and hate being lied to so I endeavour not to lie and be a hypocrite. On the whole, if I tell a porky it is usually to protect someone or in order to uphold a surprise. I can recall a long time ago I had a hospital appointment for something quite sensitive and it happened to be falling on a day when I was supposed to meet my sister. I knew it would worry her senseless if I told her about having to go so instead of being honest with her I pretended I was unwell (to be fair, it wasn’t that far from the truth). Trouble was, the hospital I attend is a train and bus ride away from here and of all people to spot after getting off of the train whilst running for the bus, my sister appeared. After me cancelling she had made an impromptu trip to the city for a shopping trip which meant I had to very sneakily avoid her and hop onto the bus. I also knew that I had to get the same bus back from my appointment to catch the train so more ducking and diving would ensue. It was all pointless in the end though as she found out anyway because I’m such an awful liar and so I have given up trying to conceal the truth from her now as she can see straight through me! 🙂

6 thoughts on “A blessing in disguise

    • aw that’s a shame, any particular reason you don’t like it or is it just that you don’t? I know someone else who doesn’t like it and it’s because he associates it with Christmas and hates that time of year 🙂

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