Missing King Arthur

henry8[1]Henry’s first and longest serving wife now has her face stitched. Catherine of Aragon was originally married to his brother, Arthur, who was all fitted up to be the future King of England. Until he passed away of course, leaving his dear wife to marry his replacement, Henry, who went on to totally change the religion of his country, set up the Church of England, totally infuriate the Pope and the catholic community and eventually divorce Catherine after nearly 24 years of marriage. He is said to have used the excuse that it is sinful to ‘lay with your brother’s wife’ when in reality it was more likely that poor Catherine struggled desperately to carry healthy children, especially boys and produced only one daughter who survived, which of course wasn’t to the satisfaction of her notoriously hard to please hubby (as well of a certain Miss. Boleyn waiting in the wings). There starts years of turmoil with her native country, Spain, as well as her Catholic supporters and of course we now know he didn’t find Anne too pleasing either so a bit of a pointless tirade…

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