getting the ball rolling

henry_9[1]Last night I started the humongous task of stitching the border to the Henry scene. This is the first of many roses so I just thought I’d do some of them instead of concentrating on the rest of the bodies so it wouldn’t feel so labourious if I left it until last. The inner rose has a metallic gold bud, so my arch nemesis in the sewing world is back to get my goat once again! Another good reason to start the border sooner than later… 🙂

5 thoughts on “getting the ball rolling

  1. You are the opposite of me- I really dislike french knots, and try to do back stitching as I go so it’s not all left to the end (ignoring Fred 😛 ) but I actually like using metallic thread 😛 Spreading it out over a while will help 🙂

    • I really hope so! With this project, I have been doing the backstitching as I go after learning my lesson with the real game of thrones one. I’ve found it a lot easier so far, possibly because there is little backstitching! 🙂

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