Dorian Gray

henry16[1]Yay! Back to the characters and no more roses for a while! This was the only queen who was no longer wanted and yet managed to stay in favour with the ever mood-swinging Henry. Anne of Cleves was a bit of an anomaly, her beauty in the flesh did not live up to her portrait’s depiction, so Henry being Henry, after marrying her to uphold the political alliance with her German home country, decided she wasn’t quite as pretty as he would like, even going so far as her being cruelly dubbed as ‘Flander’s mare’. Despite the jibes and the huge embarrassment of being shunned by the increasingly obese and grotesque king, Anne managed to stay in favour enough to still be welcome at court and be known as ‘the king’s sister’. Obviously her main calling card was her lack of opposition to their divorce and the alliance with Germany, but she still remained astute enough to still be invited to Palace parties. She certainly had her head screwed on, literally, which is rare in the presence of Henry! 🙂

11 thoughts on “Dorian Gray

  1. Wow, impressive woman! I hadn’t heard of that insult before, but I like it! And you’re certainly getting through the people a lot quicker than the roses( not that I could blame you)! Is it going to be all the wives, or just some of them?

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