Hi, I am a twenty something ex-tattooist with a HND in Fashion and textile production that has oodles of creative energy waiting to burst out! I live with my mister, my two stepchildren and my two cats, all of them being the centre of my world. In between busy family life, I use any spare time to do my hobbies which are all centred around anything that involves a needle, some thread and a good thimble!  After quitting my job a couple of years ago in order to start a family, I have learnt a multitude of skills that I never had before. I now want to improve on this and hopefully give others a helping hand along the way as well.

This blog is all about my own personal journey through the crafts I produce regularly and also new ones I try to learn. I am hoping that detailing my experiences, both good and bad, will help others dabble with different crafts and hopefully allow me to evolve the skills I already have whilst gaining new ones. I know Im not the best crafter in the world, but I will always embrace a challenge and am endlessly on the quest for new knowledge. So here’s to the new skills, the learning curves, the masterpieces and even the flops (hopefully there wont be that many to write about!) but most important of all, here’s to the fun had on the way!

Much love (and many, many pots of tea)

Emma Grace


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