Deceptive appearances

henry13[1]With every commenter agreeing with me about needing to restitch the ‘Henry VIII’ banner, I did, despite it still looking unnoticeable. This time, it is just the monitor distance and photography rather than it being too thinly sewn as it was before and in person looks a lot better. I’m not making excuses, pinky promise! 🙂


Under the banner

henry12[1]I haven’t finished the banner yet, but I have already decided that I will be back stitching the written ‘Henry VIII’ again because I can barely see it. If anyone disagrees and thinks it would make the text too prominent then I would appreciate the thoughts. As far as my own mind says, I will be relining it later on, but I may be swayed if opinions vary 🙂

Holding the cards

20140908_124037[1] 20140908_124051[1]I was sorting out where to put my OH’s birthday cards and realised that I hadn’t shared the one I made for him. It is probably a welcome change from a Henry update so I thought I would pop it on here today instead. I actually had a lot of problems with this one. None with the stitching, that went along fine and I really enjoy creating that part, even with the metallic thread. When I came to mounting it onto card, I thought I would do something different and tried to cut out a circle using a craft knife to frame the aida. I have never used a craft knife for this purpose before and regretted it as soon as I began. It was awful, I couldn’t get a grip between applying the right amount of pressure to make the cut and keeping it spherical. What I ended up with, after keeping on trying to make a circle and actually just creating a larger and larger hole, was a complete mess. In the end, I had to admit defeat and just attach the aida with a lace frame around it, covering up the inner catastrophe with card inserts of a contrasting colour. You can still see the would be sphere in the corner but my OH just found it funny and appreciated it wasn’t the easiest craft knife to use with my hobbit like little hands. Glad he was so understanding, my eyes were not so kind, so it has now been put in a drawer underneath the rest of his cards 🙂

Three’s not a crowd

henry_11[1]This is the latest update, with the third rose and I have got some wind beneath the sails with the border now so am not so hating of the metallic and the white, which is also a thread I’m not keen on. I’m just getting on with it so I can concentrate on the nicer more colourful bits. A bit like eating all your veg on a roast dinner and leaving the Yorkshire pudding until last 😀

getting the ball rolling

henry_9[1]Last night I started the humongous task of stitching the border to the Henry scene. This is the first of many roses so I just thought I’d do some of them instead of concentrating on the rest of the bodies so it wouldn’t feel so labourious if I left it until last. The inner rose has a metallic gold bud, so my arch nemesis in the sewing world is back to get my goat once again! Another good reason to start the border sooner than later… 🙂

Missing King Arthur

henry8[1]Henry’s first and longest serving wife now has her face stitched. Catherine of Aragon was originally married to his brother, Arthur, who was all fitted up to be the future King of England. Until he passed away of course, leaving his dear wife to marry his replacement, Henry, who went on to totally change the religion of his country, set up the Church of England, totally infuriate the Pope and the catholic community and eventually divorce Catherine after nearly 24 years of marriage. He is said to have used the excuse that it is sinful to ‘lay with your brother’s wife’ when in reality it was more likely that poor Catherine struggled desperately to carry healthy children, especially boys and produced only one daughter who survived, which of course wasn’t to the satisfaction of her notoriously hard to please hubby (as well of a certain Miss. Boleyn waiting in the wings). There starts years of turmoil with her native country, Spain, as well as her Catholic supporters and of course we now know he didn’t find Anne too pleasing either so a bit of a pointless tirade…