Time to paint the toenails!


The beach huts are well and truly completed! The little seagull has his legs, the birds are in the sky and the pink and yellow beach hut no longer look like they have been on a boil wash! I have decided that since this is done now, it gives me license to be particularly summery (hence the painting of the toenails ready for sandals). I cant wait to get this mounted, framed and up on the bathroom wall so I can have a bit of sunshine everytime Im in the bath 🙂 I am also ecstatic to say that my new toy has arrived! After visiting my Dad, stepmum and sisters yesterday, I am now the proud owner of a brand spanking new sewing machine!! eeeeeeee! is the only way to express how happy I am about this. I cannot go into my living room because it is boxed in there looking at me and I have to wait for mister to get home to help me unbox and set it up. I am itching to get started already and will have to try and brush up on my machine skills before I do. There may not be enough hours in the day to achieve this though… 🙂

Chairman of the bored


After finishing the sand which I consider to be a less than fun task, I thought Id get the other bit I dislike out of the way. The very boring and eye wrenching, white. Whilst it was a dull fixture to my evening, I am very pleased and looking forward to the colour explosion! To make my Friday night a little less bleak, I finished what I predict will be a deck chair (hence the title) and realised Id failed to mention yesterday, a very cute but leg lacking seagull. Despite it being a Friday and my mister’s usual trip to the pub night, that seagull remained the only legless thing… 🙂


she sells sea shells on the sea shore…


I have now discovered that to avoid getting tongue twisted saying that phrase, just type it. Its far easier and nobody gets embarrassed! Back to focus, last night I managed to finish what I hope will be the last of the sand. It is obviously an important element of the design, I just don’t enjoy stitching that bit. I think its how monotonous it is with samey colours, even it being yellow (which is my favourite colour) doesnt bring enthusiasm. I think the main reason for this is that Im chomping at the bit to get on with the next beach hut, them being the best bit. So a big yay! from me and onwards to the next ice cream house… 🙂


Bigmouth strikes again


Typically of me, I have changed my mind. After finishing the pink on the most recent hut, I now really like it. This is mainly because it reminds me of candyfloss, but also because after my moaning about it initially, the darker pink has livened it up no end. After finishing Pop’s card I stitched my little heart out and managed to do the cross stitching on the rest of the hut, the sun and a lot of the bunting, so I have a sunny grin back on my face! I really hate moaning about things and am glad I was proven wrong from my last beach hut update. I promise bigmouth won’t strike again. That statement will probably end up being a lie… 😉

walkin on the beaches, lookin at the… beach huts


Unlike the stranglers, peaches are not in my line of vision. These Beach huts certainly are though. I have been working on the blue one, which has been my favourite so far. I am mostly enjoying trying to guess what the weird shaped objects are that are in amongst the sand as Im waiting until the end to do the backstitching. My guess for the red/orange one next to the green hut is some sort of shell. That, or somethings on fire… 🙂

cause there aint no cure for the summertime blues…


Thanks Eddie Cochran for that enlightening lyric, but apparently there is a cure for summertime blues. Or at least, springtime ones. I have been busily stitching the bothy threads beach hut design amidst other projects and this is the latest update. I always do the backstitch at the end of all the cross stitching so this is why there is not a lot of definition. I must admit, despite initially finding the multicoloured thread partially stitched for the sea a bit of a waste of time, I can now see the reason it is used. These are two of six huts I believe so a way to go yet. I will contact the estate of Mr Cochran and explain how misleading his song is in the meantime 😉

The sun has got his hat on…


yay! Its sunny for a change! I even ventured out today without my coat on, what a daredevil 😉 But in what way can I embrace the new temperatures? Have an ice cream, bask in the sunshine, go for a stroll along the canal… Nope, I decided a better way to celebrate the fine weather of the past few days is starting a new cross stitch. Yep, you read right. Whilst most sane people were catching the rays, I began the beach hut design by Bothy threads. After only stitching the above shown, I feel I made a wise choice. It is a delight to sew, such gorgeously bright colours and best of all, being a beach hut image, Im hoping it will be the start of a cheerful spring. I feel like Im in Mablethorpe already 😀