This is my boomstick!


This was from a couple of weeks ago now but better late than never, eh? It was our Bruce Campbell lover friend’s birthday so a blood splattered film quote from Evil dead seemed fitting.  It is all cross stitched apart from the back stitch lining and frame and the already embossed white card made the red inking in of ‘blood’ a lot more simple, although very time consuming! Unfortunately, I can’t remember where I found the pattern from as I saw it a loooong time ago and stored it away knowing I would use it for her birthday (as well as just having a sieve memory) 🙂

Lazy daisy


This is my first update for a while and there isn’t that much to show. I’m blaming life, although I just need to pull my finger out and get on with getting re-focused. Better than nothing though (I will reassure myself with that) hehe 🙂